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We commit to sharing access to our leaders, best ideas and resources within the communities that we serve. Theophilus manufacturing processes comply with the standards set by these recognized industry professional organizations: IPIECAOGPUSOGAAPI, and the IPAA.
Enhanced Oil Recovery & Production


Theophilus through its strategic alliance partners is geared to establish a track record of rapidly and significantly increasing production and value of newly slated fields. Committed to a balanced strategy of growth achieved through the exploitation of these fields as well as new exploration discoveries.


Theophilus has made significant investments in 3D seismic. With this data Theophilus can concentrate on both Central West Texas and Gulf Coast enhanced oil recovery projects. 


Theophilus has current interests in proven undeveloped oil and gas reserves in Central West Texas.



Theophilus refinery partners can process a slate of crudes.  Our partner's plant was built and designed for processing light, sweet crude and some heavy crude slates, depending on the API.  The crude unit is a 30,000 bbl/day hydro-skimming unit.


Theophilus own future processing system will utilize a crude oil distillation unit equipped to process light, sweet crude oil from the company's EOR operations and will manufacture naphtha, kerosene, diesel fuel, and atmospheric gas oil in commercial quantities.





Theophilus transports refined products from our strategic partners refinery and storage partners truck racks, by rail and barge. We also utilize jobbers and distributors who pick up their products utilizing their own choice of transportation..


Future ship and barge loads of products will be handled through a transportation agreement being negotiated with a major U.S. company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Technical & Engineering


Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. 


​Theophilus has in-house consulting capabilities and strategic relationships with top providers of technical services.  


Our technical partners have state-of-the-art training facilities and significant experience.


The Theophilus concept of engineering is a broad one. "To engineer" is to conceive, plan, design, construct, or manage.  We can do it all.

Terminaling & Storage


Theophilus has a strategic alliance with a marine terminal that is currently permitted and operational and receives products into its facility. As per client instructions, the terminal partner stores products to the extent of the capacity of the facility and re-delivers the products from the facility, when and as instructed by the client.   

Current storage capacity is provided by six 600,000 barrel storage tanks through a strategic storage and terminaling agreement.

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