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Theophilus is a provider of high demand commodities including crude oil, LPG, and refined petroleum products. We function as a strategic team member providing consulting, contract management and operations services.




Naphtha is the building block for reformulated gasoline.


With an N+A (Napthene + Aromatic) concentration of 40% or higher, this material can be sold as reformer feed for the manufacture of high-octane gasoline.

Jet Fuel


JP8, JP5, and J1A


Jet Fuel is the kerosene cut produced from the main crude unit.


Military JP8 and JP5 are military grade jet fuels.


J1A is commercial jet fuel.



F76, Low Sulfur Diesel and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel


F76 diesel fuel is a military grade fuel.


The #2 diesels are sold into the local area market.

Residual Fuel


Residual fuel is the material remaining after the more valuable cuts of crude oil have boiled off.  This fuel may be known as residual fuel oil (RFO), as (by the Navy specification:) Bunker C, or as (by the Pacific Specification:) PS-400.

Atomospheric Gas Oil


The heaviest product boiled by a crude distillation unit operating at atmospheric pressure. This fraction ordinarily sells as distillate fuel oil, either in pure form or blended with cracked stocks. In blends AGO, usually serves as the premium quality component used to lift lesser streams to the standards of saleable furnace oil or diesel engine fuel. Certain ethylene plants, called heavy oil crackers, can take AGO as feedstock.

Liquified Propane Gas


Also known as LPG, Theophilus offers both propane and butane gas.  The propane and butane cuts will be sold if market prices are higher than fuel gas prices.

Future Crude Oil Sales
Bonny Light


Specifications: API 32.9°, S.G. 0.8607, Sulphur 0.16%, Pour point 19°F, TAN 0.28 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.9 ppm, Vanadium 0.4 ppm, Visc. (40°C) 4.16 cSt.

Bonny Light is also similar to a typical Gulf Coast crude.  The middle range cuts are somewhat higher than Brass River, but, again fit the general market in the Gulf Coast and other major marketing centers.

Brass River


Specifications: API 36.3°, S.G. 0.8434 conversion rate 7.46, Sulphur 0.13 %, Pour point -12 °C, TAN 0.30 mg KOH/g, Nickel 1.9 wppm, Vanadium 0.2ppm, Visc. (40°C) 2.896 cSt.


Brass River crude is very similar to typical Gulf Coast Sweet type crude.  This type of crude generally yields a good product and is suited for the market in the Gulf Coast.

Qua Iboe


Specifications: API 35.8°, S.G. 0.8461, Sulphur 0.13%, Pour point 12°C, TAN 0.40 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.6 ppm, Vanadium 0.5 ppm, Visc. (40°C) 3.92 cSt.


Qua Iboe and Bonny Light crude oils are very close in characteristics.  Light crude containing very low levels of sulfur, metals and asphaltic material; when refined will provide similar low sulfur specification products. A well-balanced intermediate crude that produces high quality, low sulfur products after simple refining. The naphtha produced can be reformed to produced high octane gasoline blendstock.

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